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RTT Care & Storage

RTT Care & Storage

To help you properly care for, store, and elongate the life of your rooftop tent, here are some valuable tips.

Care Instructions:

1. After each camping trip, open the tent fully to check for moisture, clean off any dirt or dust from the walls, and inspect for any hidden bugs. Take this opportunity to clean the mattress cover as well.
- This step is especially important if you camp with pets, as their odor can intensify during storage.

2. For those living in humid environments, consider removing the mattress from the tent and storing it indoors to prevent moisture buildup.

Storage Methods:

Ensure your rooftop tent is completely dry before storing it or mildew and mold may occur. 

1. Hanging System:
- A hanging system is a popular storage method that keeps your garage space open and simplifies re-installation in the next season.
- Ensure that your tent is fully supported underneath and securely mounted with pulleys and straps.
- Use bike pulleys and webbing to create a pulley storage system. Place pulleys horizontally on the ceiling, approximately 51-59 inches apart.
- Mount a second set of pulleys 40 inches away from the first set, leaving approximately 20 inches on either side for hoisting the RTT.

2. Flat Storage:
- If you have sufficient garage space, storing the RTT flat is a great option.
- Never place the tent directly on the ground or concrete. Lay down 2x4 lumber every 18 inches to elevate the tent and promote airflow, reducing the risk of condensation.

3. Side Storage:
- If you prefer storing your tent on its side, follow similar guidelines as for flat storage.
- Use a protective bag to keep the tent clean and dry.
- Lean it against a stable and secure surface, ensuring it does not rest on its latches or hinges.
- Set up a series of 2x4s to prevent the tent from touching the ground. Place a moving blanket or thick cardboard underneath for added protection.

Note: Avoid resting the tent on its latches or hinges, as this may cause damage.

Regular Maintenance:
1. Periodically check the storage bag for signs of condensation buildup, cuts, or tears that could indicate a pest issue. Inspect every few weeks to ensure your tent remains in good condition.

Tips for Year-Round RTT Mounters:
1. Mounting your rooftop tent on your vehicle year-round is an excellent option, thanks to the durability of our hard-sided tents.
2. While rooftop tents are waterproof, they are not airtight. To prevent condensation issues, periodically open and set up your tent throughout winter to ensure it stays dry.
3. In case of mildew or mold on the tent walls, promptly clean it with a damp rag and white vinegar or a 3% hydrogen peroxide solution.
- For stubborn mildew spots, use a diluted bleach and water solution, but be cautious to avoid damaging or discoloring the tent. Use minimal bleach content.

By following these care instructions, you can safely store your GOX rooftop tent during the off-season and ensure it's in excellent condition for your next adventure in spring.

Happy camping!