If you require physical help with installation, send us an email  so we can either refer you to a partner, or come ourselves. Installation from one of our team members is typically $99.99+ tax  

Step 1
Slide Bolts into channel.

Step 2 Lift tent and slide bolt so it's on either side of the crossbars.

Step 3 Put bracket through the bolts and centre it to the crossbar.

Step 4 Tighten the hand-tightening nuts.

Step 5 Push end caps in the channels

Video Here

 X Models, Crossbars:

Rainfly / Awning Poles

The poles for the rainfly / awning need to be inserted inside of the channel, not just into the hole. If the pole does not reach the channel, the rainfly will sag. See below:

Explorer X Only

You would have received two metal pieces which are to be used for heavy snow or heavy wind to attach to two of the hydraulic arms preventing it from closing or moving too much.