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Be Prepared to Receive Your RTT Shipment - Oversized Rooftop Tents

Be Prepared to Receive Your RTT Shipment - Oversized Rooftop Tents


To ensure the safe receipt of your shipment, please note the following critical instructions:

- A person over 18 years old, appointed by you and trusted for their judgment, must be present to inspect and sign for the delivery. Shipments will not be left without a signature accepting the freight.

- The shipping cost includes the use of a lift gate, facilitating lowering of the tent from the truck to ground level. You or your designated person will then be responsible for moving the tent to your desired location without assistance from the delivery driver. Please ensure there are capable individuals available for this task. Any additional assistance from the driver may result in extra charges.

- Every effort is made to ensure that each shipment leaving our warehouse is meticulously packaged to protect the product from damage. Please note, freight companies will not accept freight from us if there is any indication of damage.

- Occasionally, mishandling by carriers beyond our control may result in damage. Therefore, by law, you or your appointed representative are allowed 15 minutes to inspect for any product damage upon delivery. Please do not allow the driver to rush you through this inspection, as it is crucial to thoroughly assess the shipment within the allotted time. The driver is not permitted to assist during this inspection.

- If you suspect damage to the shipment, you may only open the box for further inspection if there is visible damage to the package itself. If not, please indicate "DAMAGE NOTED" on the delivery receipt and obtain an exception number from the driver. This allows you to accept the package while retaining the option to inspect for concealed damage and file a claim with the freight company.

- **IMPORTANT:** Without an exception number noted on the delivery receipt (BOL), your ability to file a claim with the freight company may be denied. If there is nothing noted or if an exception number is not obtained, the delivery is considered clean, and you will be deemed to have accepted the product in its delivered condition.

- Damaged freight and its original packaging must be retained until the claim process is concluded.

- If any items are missing from your shipment, note them on the Proof of Delivery (POD) before the driver departs and contact us immediately. We will work with the carrier to locate and deliver any missing items promptly.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us